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SSL – Discovering the Secure Sockets Layer

SSL - Secure Sockets Layer

SSL – The Secure Sockets Layer, is basically the encryption of internet security protocols. The encryption ensures the secure connection of a website with the web server. In the year 1995, Netscape was the first to develop the SSL. It was crafted to ensure the privacy, authentication and maintaining the integrity of data within internet communications. A website that uses SSL has the HTTPS instead of HTTP in the url.

The Working of SSL

SSL encrypts the data transmitted across the web, ensuring the high potency of privacy. Moreover, anyone who tries to intercept the data, will see garbled mix of encrypted characters. As a result, it is near to impossible for the inceptor to decrypt.

SSL - Web Security

The handshake between the two devices is authenticated by the system and ensures the safe handshake between the host and client. Furthermore, to ensure data integrity, it is digitally signed and not tampered till it reaches the intended recipient.

What is an SSL certificate?

Secure Sockets Layer commonly known as SSL is works only on websites working with an SSL certificate. The certificate works like an identification card that approves authenticity of the organization. Similarly, the SSL certificates are displayed and stored on the website’s application server.

HTTP & HTTPS Encryption

Moreover, the public key is the principal piece of information in the certificate. The key is used to encrypt the website connection with the web server. This secure connection works through the public key visible through the users device. However, the web server works with a private key as well, which decrypts the encrypted data from the public key.

The Types of SSL Certificates?

SSL certificates are differentiated within different types, it can either be applied to single site or multiple ones. The main role of the SSL certificate on its application depends upon its type.

  • Single-Domain
  • Wildcard
  • Multi-Domain

Single Domain Certificate

As the name suggests, the single domain SSL certificate works on only one domain. A domain is referred as the name of the website such as www.digitalotters.com.

Wildcard Certificate

The wildcard works similar to the single domain certificate, however, it also applies to subdomains. The wildcard certificate applied on one domain works for its sub domains as well. For an instance, if applied on www.digitalotters.com it will also work for blog.digitalotters.com. However, the single domain certificate would always only cover the first one.

Multi Domain SSL Certificates

Multi-Domain Certificate

The multi domain certificate works for multiple domains either related or un-related to each other. The multiple domains could be anything like digitalotters.com, digitalotters.ae or economy.pk.

SSL Certificate Validations

SSL Certificates are also issued under various validation levels, depending upon the requirement. The validations work like a background-check and are similarly entertained. For an instance, the normal validation does not require extensive information or proofs.

  • Domain Validation
  • Organization Validation
  • Extended Validation

Domain Validations

The domain validation is least strict background check for the SSL certificate. This type only requires the proof of domain ownership for the issuance of the certificate.

Organization Validations

The organization which is requesting the certificate is contacted by the authorities and inquired for details. This type of validation is more trustworthy for the users either individuals or organizations.

Extended Validations

A full background-check of the applied personnel/organization for the certificate is practiced. Moreover, after proper investigation/satisfaction the certificate is issued.

Importance of SSL Certificate

Initially, the transmitted data was in plaintext and anyone who intercepts the data could read the message. Similarly, if a customer buys something from an ecommerce shop with their credit card. The card information would travel across the web without any encryption and unconcealed.

SSL was introduced to protect this data and the privacy of the users, making it secure and essential. Furthermore, after the encryption the data is just a scrambled mess of characters. Since, it is encrypted the credit card information the buyer added is not safe.

Cyber Attacks & SSL

Cyber attacks are also stopped from the certificates, when installed on the website. Hackers usually try to phish users and steal data, and SSL authenticates the websites to the web servers. Moreover, the data in transit is safe from hackers that intend to tamper it for their own use.

The Encrypted Handshakes & Safety

The encrypted handshakes between the user, the website and the web server is the doing of SSL. The data in transit is safe and secure making it one of the most essential part of Web Development & Designing when maintain Digital Marketing and Website Management.

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