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Increase your sales and leads with a 20% increase in ROI from our result-oriented PPC Management Services. As a full-service Digital Marketing and PPC Management Agency, we strive to achieve the best ROAS for our clients.


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PPC Management is more than just an ad set, it has advanced targeting techniques, detailed optimizations, etc. To master all of the marketing channels and yield the best results, we are certified by all top PPC Marketing channels.

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Platforms We Use

Being in the industry for years, we learned that PPC plans and strategies are meant to be built around the business and not forced to fit it. With each business having different work dynamics and goals, we have customized PPC management services. With more than 10 different platforms, we have expertise and certifications in all kinds of pay-per-click services.

google ads agency
Google Ads

Google manages billions of search queries every second, with a majority of the results containing Google Ads. Google ads are one of the best platforms to get authentic, qualified traffic to the website or brand.

google ads agency
Google Shopping Ads

E-commerce businesses use Google Shopping Ads for product selling. It works just like a search campaign but has images, product titles, and descriptions as well. Shopping Ads are ideal for e-commerce marketing.

meta ads agency
Meta Ads

Facebook and Instagram are one of the most used social platforms. Both collectively as Meta are one of the best platforms for marketing. We have a team of advanced Meta ads specialists, boosting your sales effectively.

twitter ads agency
Twitter Ads

Twitter is one of the most trusted platforms for corporates and brands. It is widely used for press releases and corporate leads. Benefitting B2B brands, Twitter can also be one of the ideal sources for B2C marketing.

linkedin ads agency
LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a professional platform with over 645 million monthly active users. With various advertisement options, LinkedIn ads are widely used for B2B targeting and recruitment for top brands across the globe.

snapchat ads agency
Snapchat Ads

Snapchat Ads are used to target the tech-savvy and impulse-buying young audiences. With massive reach and potential, these ads are perfect for reaching millions of people for E-commerce brands with a younger audience.

tiktok ads agency
TikTok Ads

Providing an incremental reach, TikTok ads are majorly used to drive mass engagement. The brands are ideal for brand awareness among the younger generation due to their insane popularity among the GenZ audience.

amazon ads agency
Amazon Ads

Amazon is arguably the best platform for dropshipping businesses. With the ability to advertise on the platform through Amazon Ads, it is perfect for the brands to boost their sales on the platform.

youtube ads agency
YouTube Ads

YouTube is the most used video search engine in the whole world. With a massive audience, it is a perfect choice for brands to promote their products and services with video / graphical ads throughout the platform.

yahoo ads agency
Yahoo Ads

Yahoo Ads or Yahoo Search Marketing (YSM) is a pay-per-click ad tool with the same working model as Google and Bing. Yahoo is one of the oldest and most trusted search engines with countless opportunities for brands.

bing ads agency
Bing Ads

Being the default search engine of Microsoft products, Bing is also a widely used search engine. Bing Ads can be highly beneficial for the brands, due to increased performance in terms of CPC compared to Google Ads.

whatsapp ads agency
Whatsapp Ads

WhatsApp messages have a 98% open rate, and with more than 2 billion active users it can be the perfect marketing channel. Whatsapp Ads are designed to get the users’ attention in the form of offers etc.

Your Search for PPC Management Services Ends Here

You will find everything you need and more at Digital Otters for your Pay-per-click management services. Being an esteemed PPC Management Agency, we know the importance of clients’ resources.

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Responsive Google Search Ads

Used for an ideal search ad, Google has responsive search ads (RSAs). The ads allow us to use multiple assets with flexibility. An ad with numerous headlines and descriptions may perform 5% to 10% higher than conventional search ads. With an increased CTR, pay-per-click management has revolutionized with RSAs.

advertise on google search ads
advertise on google search ads

Google Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads are like live e-commerce shops on the Google search. Highly beneficial for e-commerce brands, these ads have advanced product-level bidding strategies. Shopping Ads are based on live and organized product feeds from the website, with geographic bid modifiers for high ROI.

Google Display Ads

Generating more than 10% higher conversions when used with search ads, Display Ads are a core element of PPC Management. Considered a worthwhile investment, these ads have a high exposure, which is used mainly for brand recognition and retargeting. With pervasive and long-lasting benefits, display ads have a broader reach.

google display ads agency
google listing ads agency

Google Listing Ads

As a leading Google Ads agency, we leverage Google Listing Ads to enhance your business’s visibility in local search results, driving increased traffic and conversions. Through targeted placement, we ensure your business stands out to potential customers seeking products or services similar to yours.

Google Remarketing Ads

As a premier Google Ads agency, Digital Otters specializes in leveraging Google Remarketing Ads to amplify your business’s visibility in local search results. These ads drive increased traffic and conversions by targeting potential customers actively seeking products or services like yours.
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Industries We Cater

With clients of every niche and dedicated experts for every sector, we offer the best PPC Management services across various sectors. From highly competitive e-commerce and real estate sectors to sectors requiring awareness only, we have a proven track record.

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Healthcare Sector

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Corporate Sector


Ecommerce Sector

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Non-Profit Organizations Sector

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News Publication Sector

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Automobile Sector

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Real Estate Sector

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Finance & Crypto Sector

Why Choose Digital Otters?

With pinpoint accuracy, our pay-per-click campaigns have a higher ROI when compared to conventional PPC agencies. From Search Engine Marketing to Social Media Marketing, we have the best deliverables ensured for you.

Search Engine Marketing

Advertising on search engines gets you highly interested leads and sales. With a generally higher conversion rate than Social Media Marketing, SEM is an ideal advertising platform. Google, Bing, and Yahoo ads are ideal for SEM.

Social Media Marketing

The use of social media platforms for generating leads and sales is called Social Media Marketing. With a very high reach, social media PPC is very valuable in modern times as compared to traditional marketing channels.

Our PPC Mangement Professionals

A team of well-experienced pay-per-click experts with more than 30 years of combined experience. Digital Otters have certified Ad Managers, strategists, ad copy experts, and creative designers.

PPC Expert Usman Ahzaz Mufti

Paid Media Director

PPC Expert Mahad

Sr Paid Media Specialist

ppc patrick

Professional Ad Manager

ppc sameen

Paid Marketing Strategist

ppc samantha

Professional Copywriter

Experience Worth Millions

With millions of dollars spent on ad campaigns, we have helped countless brands grow with increased sales, quality leads and so much more.

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shopify sales stats

Industry Leading PPC Clientele

With years of experience in the field, we are trusted by countless global brands. From industry-leading brands to startups and SMEs, we have all kinds of success stories for you.

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Easy Setup & Management

Designed with effectiveness in mind, our Paid Ad Management campaigns are easily set in 3 simple steps and scaled with time. From strategizing campaigns, and designing ad creatives to testing and scaling budgets.

Marketing Plan

Creating buyer personas, formulating ad targeting strategy, demographics, and more for an ideal marketing campaign.

Designing Ad
Copy & Creatives

After the initial strategy, we create ad copy and creatives that resonate with our targets and offerings.

A/B Testing
Ad Campaigns

With sets of audience and creatives, we A/B test our ad copy and campaigns to verify which campaign works best.

Scaling Live
Ad Campaigns

Once our campaigns are tested, we scale the budgets and campaigns with retargeting, lookalike, and other campaigns.

FAQ's About PPC Management

With a 97% client retention rate, we have a proven track record as a PPC agency. However, if you have additional questions, you can browse our FAQ section or contact us for further details.

We believe transparency is the key to a successful PPC management campaign and client satisfaction, hence we have clarified some of the FAQs.

What is PPC?

An online advertising plan where you pay for every click on your ad is called Pay-per-click or PPC. PPC Management is performed on social media channels, search engines, and even display ads on websites. It is one of the most important services for digital marketing in the modern era.

Imagine targeting users with a traditional TV Advertisement without any knowledge or selected marketing parameters. PPC helps you target the audience that is relevant to you not only geographically, but also based on their demographics and interests.

PPC Management is highly efficient, instant results, cost-effective with transparent reporting. The cost of billboard space for an ad targets everyone that passes by, but the cost of a PPC ad is when a targeted, your preferred audience user clicks on your ad. Hence, instead of paying for the space your ad takes on the web, you are paying for the clicks on your ad.

A professional PPC Agency like Digital Otters offers advanced PPC Management Services that include, formulating strategy, creative designing, ad copy, bid management, targeting, and more. The service is charged with a management fee, however, the marketing budgets are solely based on the client’s requirements.

PPC Management Services include ad management on social media channels and search engines like Google and Bing. The services will include keyword targeting, bid management, pipeline retargeting, routine reporting, and more.

Generally, agencies charge a flat fee, but in certain cases, a percentage of ad spend can be charged as well. Typically the setup cost for PPC management ranges from $500 to $1500 with an additional 15-20% of ad spend charge.

The cost of ads is based on the budgets, however, the usual cost of clicks varies from $0.11 – $0.50 with the cost per 1000 impressions ranging from $0.51 – $1.00 on ads. These stats may vary depending on different sectors and goals.

Learn PPC From Our Blog Section

Increasing revenue through SEO is a tried and true tactic. The question is: How does it work, what are the costs, which type of SEO to use and so much more? We have answered some frequently asked questions for you. If you’ve any more questions, feel free to contact us.