Economy.pk Raised USD $150,000 from a Turkish Investor

Usman Ahzaz, Economy.pk

Economy.pk raises $150,000 from an undisclosed Turkish investor, with financials set to be completed later this year. The news publication website raised the investment to simply authentic news reporting in Pakistan. Allowing all common people to give their opinions on the country’s key issues while collaborating with top journalists of the country. 

Why the Fundraise?

For Economy.pk the fundraise is set to change the dynamics of operations. The change will bring in a new audience, new mindsets and new opinions. Moreover, the collaboration will also provide the young authors, entrepreneurs and all, a set of motivation through the already high-achieved individuals.

For the investor, the idea of fundraising revolved around the changing dynamics of news publications. “It is thrilling to partner with Economy.pk, to help build a platform they envision. To empower Pakistani youth with growth and knowledge of the country. Furthermore, since the potential is highly exponential, we also know we can expand the same model Worldwide.”

Financials of Fundraise

The Turkish Investor is set to fund the Pakistani news publication website with $150,000 as a single payment, later this year. The investor, who chose not to be disclosed will be supporting Economy.pk for further instances too. Economy.pk is yet to disclose the terms of the investment, however, we are told by an official of Economy.pk that the financials will be processed later and are not done yet.

Aiming to Simply News Reporting

With the massive investment, Economy.pk aims to bring together a finer, simpler platform for journalists, and common people to collaborate. Planning to knit together more than 100,000 authors on the news platform in one year. Economy.pk has set their aim to not only scale their authentic news publication on the web but also provide a proper article publication CMS from their mobile applications. The strong foundation of Economy.pk has been built with the sheer determination of Usman Ahzaz and the team in the past couple of years. Today, they are closer to achieving their envisioned goal than ever before.

The ever-changing methods of news reporting make it harder to maintain authenticity. Hence, a proper team of editors will be working 24/7 to help keep the platform safe from all sorts of unauthentic and spammy news. The investment is set to help increase the team, betterment of the platform and allow common minds to collaborate with journalists to etch a better conclusion on the country’s current affairs.

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