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Evolve your digital presence with 360 web development services focused on creating a solid online presence. Digital Otters transform your ideas into working websites with a next-generation tech stack improving ROIs massively.


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Laravel Development
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Website Development Services

Expert in creating robust web applications, and websites on the top tech stack. With secured and optimized development practices, our web development services are driven by innovation and creativity.

Custom Website Development

Custom website development is not only a customized approach to development but also design. From the very start of the design process to the very end of development and deployment, the whole process is customized. Boost your sales and ROI with custom website development services.

Web Application Development

We develop your web apps by your business goals and requirements, we use progressive development techniques with years of experience. Our end-to-end web application development services offer the complete lifecycle of development from design, and development to deployment and maintenance.

eCommerce Web Development

Attract sales like a magnet, with a custom-designed, custom-developed eCommerce website. Ranging from top platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, and Wix to custom e-commerce platforms designed just for you. Optimized to generate sales and outperform search engines.

Web Portal Development

Get your web portal developed on the right architecture and tech stack. With an effective development roadmap, our web development services focus on developing web portals with a documented approach to ensure your infrastructure and business processes are in sync and can be easily managed.

UI/UX Web Design

It is important to have a website that presents itself as a work of art all while delivering the right message to the end user. Our approach to UI focuses on multiple aspects and user preferences to design and ideal user interface with a perfect UX without compromising the performance of your project.

Custom CMS Development

Custom websites based on top-level content management systems such as the open-source WordPress to Experience Manager platform by Adobe, are all developed by our professional web developers. We customize your CMS with our result-oriented custom CMS development services.

Have a Project? Let's Discuss

Let’s elevate your digital presence with a website that speaks your brand the way you want. From custom web development services, you can have a digital portfolio, corporate website, or an online store. Convert your ideas, and designs into a functional dynamic website.

Web Development Services

With an experienced in-house development team, we operate as a web development agency focusing on frontend, backend, and full-stack development.

Frontend Development

Seamless frontend development on top-notch tech stacks, or content management systems. As a website development agency, we focus on visually stunning websites, web applications, and more for all our clients. To blend creativity and functionality with the design, our skilled developers engage in creating the best user experience for every website visitor.

backend development company
backend development company

Backend Development

A strong backbone of the website or web app is what makes your web development reliable. With a focus on reliability and performance, backend development can be customized with front-end development and designs. Every web application and website has a tech stack that covers all possible functionalities required by the brand, selected by our team of professionals.

full stack development agency

Fullstack Web Development

Our full stack development services focus not only frontend and backend development but also on API Integrations, database management and more. With efficient, secure and scalable development, our web development services are focused on end-user experience as much as its focused on clients satisfaction.

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Websites We've Built

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Industries We Cater

Top-notch Web Development Services

Utilizing a collection of top-notch programming and developing languages, we have successfully catered to more than 15 different sectors. Some of our latest works are related to Edtech, Fintech, Real Estate, and Healthcare sectors. We Focus on performance, scalability, continuous improvements, and ease of use as the core elements of our development services.


Have a web development project in mind? Let us help you out with all your frontend, backend and full-stack development.

seo Ecommerce Brands​

Sale-oriented e-commerce web development services on Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, Bigcommerce, Wix, and even custom websites.

seo healthcare providers

Healthcare web applications and websites focused on the ease of patients. Developed the best tech stack, optimized for performance.

seo for Real Estate Companies​
Real Estate

We have helped countless real estate companies with websites and web apps for ideal real estate listing management and sales.

seo for Saas companies
SaaS Projects

Our team of developers are experts in developing SaaS projects. From MERN, and MEAN to more tech stacks ideal for SaaS.

seo for edtech companies

Developing Edtech websites, LMS, and CRMs to manage instructors, courses, students, and more for educational purposes.

seo for Corporate Companies​

Meeting modern industry standards, we plan Fintech projects with financial professionals and our developing experts.

Let's Discuss The Future of Your Web Presence

With pricing custom to you, your project, and your requirements feel free to contact us for a web development proposal. Let’s discuss and strategize your digital presence on the web with your digital portfolio, your website

FAQs Website Development

Establishing an unmatched presence and trust on the web requires a perfectly balanced website for performance and aesthetics. Opting for a web development agency sometimes becomes a hassle, so we make it easy for you. Here are a few frequently asked questions for our services.

What is web development?

Web development or website development generally refers to the process of developing websites or web applications on several or any certain coding language. The development may also be performed on content management systems for the ease of use of customers.

A web development agency such as ours ‘Digital Otters’ assists in designing, developing, deploying, migrating, managing, and maintaining websites and web applications. The agency uses streamlined development processes, security compliance coding practices, efficient development, and optimized website development processes.

Web Development Services include frontend, backend, and full-stack development. Furthermore, it also has a web design process that is included in the service for all kinds of websites required.


We offer Shopify Development, WordPress Development, Custom development, CMS, CRM, LMS, and other developments for our clients.

Web app development has a varied timeline based on the required process. From project scope, design, development, and deployment the time for web app development may take 4-6 months based on the complexities.


However, the development process for a CMS-based website such as Shopify or WordPress might take 7 to 14 days for standard development and 21 to 28 days for custom development.

You don’t always have to know what tech stack you want. We as an agency are here to help you out and select the best possible tech stack for your requirements. For instance, if you have a basic e-commerce website with zero to minimum functionalities, you can choose Shopify Development.

Similarly, based on your requirements for a web application, we can suggest you use the MERN stack or any other stack that is ideal for performance.


Performance Focused Website Development Services

Existing in a wide spectrum of industries, our clientele has been retained for more than 10 years. Settling our roots in development, we ensure your website outperforms your expectations.

Learn With Us About Web Development

Web development has been quite interesting and questionable with the complexities and multiple fronts to explore. To learn more about web development visit our blog and the latest updates regarding website developments, tech stacks, and more. If you have any more questions, contact us.