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How to Vlog Like a Pro? The 3 Tips & Tricks

How to Vlog like a Pro

You always feel like being the next David Dobrik or maybe Casey Neistat but yet tend to feel shy in front of the camera. All you need to know is that money and experience do not make you feel confident on camera. There are a few other tips however, that you may want to consider to excel in your journey to vlog.

1. Use a Conventional Tone

When you’re looking in to the camera, pretend natural. You do not need to speak in a more polished or professional manner but instead the same as you are. Use a conversational tone and talk to the camera as if talking to a friend.

Practicing by the mirror would be a good option too. The more comfortable you are talking out loud, the easier it shall be for you to vlog.

2. Don’t just Stand and Talk to the Camera

Moving around and talking to the camera is always encouraged rather than standing still like a robot. This makes the video more engaging. Doing simple acts like holding a coffee mug or anything in general can divide the attention on camera and add as a plus point.

Vlog Like a Professional

Try to match your actions according to the theme of your vlog. For example if it is a travel vlog, try walking around while you tell your viewers about your upcoming plans and endeavors.

3. Practice Authenticity – Build a Community

Vloggers often assume that they need to be showcasing their wealth so as to get people to watch their content. Many vloggers cannot afford this, but the plus point is that continuous show off often bores the viewers.

Always be authentic and only this is how you shall be able to build a community with your viewers. They shall become loyal to you and support you in return. Content that is more approachable is what gets the most attention as it showcases the struggles put in.

Dont Just Sit and Vlog, Show some unique content, make your community strong through attractive content

Summing It Up!

All you need to do for success is to assume your vlog as a friend of yours whom you’re talking to. Make yourself comfortable doing that and you will enjoy it thoroughly. Make quality content and a proper social media appearance. Have a conversational tone, keep moving around, practice authenticity, and you’re good to go!

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