Content Creation & The Fragments to Work on


An abrupt halt to the daily life activities, we all have been scratching our heads, pondering about our brands. Meanwhile, the breed of experience, the digital marketers know the fact that ‘Content’ is still crowned on top of everything. Regardless of the fact, that we know you might be twiddling your thumbs, you should start creating. Investing for profits? Umm… We know about it, Invest in content creation would worth your time. Let’s get onto a reasoned argument if you want to hurl some insult over the content.

Traffic, it is the most used word in terms of a website, or any digital marketing source. Great Content means greater traffic; ultimately, referring to greater outcomes. Social Media is faster than SEO traffic, it’s viral. SEO takes up to months to rank higher, while social media can do that in the blink of an eye.

You Surely are a Dodo Bird, if you are sceptic about Content in times like these

Five Fragments of Help. Let’s get it done Captain!​

A prospect scary for anyone, new to it; Live Videos. Despite the fact that various influencers have thrown the live videos over the hedge with confidence. Facing the camera, for a mere video, ahead of Hundreds & Thousands of viewers is tough. Live videos are taking the trend with a storm, the immense popularity makes them a key channel market from.

A bit shy eh? But it worth’s more than what we can imagine. The organic reach is massive; the engagement rate is explosive; in short, it’s the best option nowadays. Equipment doesn’t even matter in times like these, the audience, the fans might not expect you for top-notch quality.

Live Videos have a bold impact on society; how? Making the viewer’s comment live on your content in-short handing you over; some suggestions. Nevertheless, it can also be done for entertainment purposes and so. However, marketing through it is easier, you get to know your target audience and what they want.

Hey Cap! It’s the time, Pop your live stream cherry NOW!

Concoct Content for your Blog

Explore something burger in-depth, write an article on it, see it selling like pancakes to the audience. Articles can be hidden secrets of success, as it fascinates the audience towards it. Give your Expertise in an opportunity to gain project confidence.

Differentiating your ideas from the usual would give you an edge above other articles that rank above in reading prospects.

Content for your Blogs are Articles; Write Articles!

We have decided that we are now committed to the investment of content for our Digital Otters Blog. Insights about the audience can be earned by research. We always have something, more or less to tell you all. Start your journey, content journey, with writing an article, find the method it might feed with your strategy.

Stories Everywhere. Use Them

Stories are like updates nowadays, they have been a massive hit since they were introduced. The updates about what you did, what will you do and etc. Gather chunks of interesting information, create a matching story and you are good to go.

You can surely, advertise through stories, send a message or perhaps present your lifestyle show off to people. No studio? No computer? Oh, Buddy! Just grab your phone. You can shoot a video, take a photo, add related text or do anything you want. Well, Instagram and Facebook Stories are disposable and informal. That doesn’t change the fact which states, it’s worth is no less than any other content format, Phew! The massive user base of Instagram and Facebook make it stand out of all other options.

You can add links to your blogs, your youtube videos, your website or anything you desire to be promoted. Perhaps, the best option of stories is that you can also add them to your profile highlights on Instagram.

Content Creation? Polish your Skills!​

Expensive? Complicated? Nah! It’s just an art; product photography. You started new or are huge, it doesn’t matter, product photography can be mixed and mastered by a minimal amount of equipment. A shoestring budget might as well do your thing. Want to Pop your content out? Go MINIMAL with your content. May it is makeup, lifestyle shoots, art or whatever on Earth it is; surely will rock the stage. For instance, we have an artist, one woman and numerous tasks. Despite all that she with limited equipment and less budget create ART.

Take your Shot, doesn’t have a camera, take your phone out, click that button and poof* there you go, a basic photo. Manipulate your photo, do some retouching, colour correction and whatever you might like. Softwares? Use Photoshop, lightroom or else just go with snapseed to edit on your phone.

Memes keep those Smiles Up!​

Comedy, you might have some bells ringing in your mind about how could comedy get along the business. Well, you pretty much have seen memes, indulged into their more than frivolous fun. Ubiquitous popularity of memes, make them an instant hit among social content creation. 

For Digital Marketing, Social Media or Content Creation, memes can be a useful resource of explosive growth. However, it’s also, a tremendous way to climb in the ranks of the industry, fringe benefits might be attracted towards you themselves.

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