Best Live Chat Software in 2021


In the Modern era of Digital World, Live Chat Softwares have proved to be an integral part of customer service. Whenever, a customer seeks information, assistance or complains about something, they look for Live Chat. Moreover, reaching the brand is easier through a live channel rather than the traditional email and wait strategy. 

Since calling restricts the person to deal with only 1 person at a time, it can simultaneously deal with a couple of people. Hence, making these Softwares more efficient and effective than the traditional idea of customer support through phone calls.

Becoming cost-efficient, live chat is not just a typical customer service support channel. As far as, we can sight the modern era of customer support is dependant upon the Live Chat services. Live Chat can either be worked through actual people or a chatbot can be used instead. Following are the Top 5 Live Chat Softwares of 2021.

1. Live Chat


This is one tool trusted by more than 300,000 businesses across 150 countries. Some of the names include Adobe, PayPal and McDonald’s. Used for live chat, online surveys, net promoter score and much more, it is one of the most versatile solutions out there in the market today. Being easy to set up and use, LiveChat plans start at $16 per agent per month. 

This allows you to have a free trial of 14 days. Moreover, you get an automatic agent routing as well as ticket creation, allowing more than 170 integrations that include Shopify, Salesforce, Dropbox and many more.

2. SmartSupp


This is yet another software that is used by over 425,000 websites. For all the smaller websites, Smartsupp is free on your first three agents. Having built-in video recordings, it gives your agents a deeper understanding of how each visitor is moving around on your site. This helps improve customer loyalty and improve engagement with them. 

This app allows you to customize the look and colors of the chat box as well as add personalized photos to support agents in the chat widget. One can also create personalized automated messages with smart rules being integrated therein.

3. Pure Chat


This is one commendable live chat solution for all the small and medium sized teams. Being two of the type – Growth and Pro, you may choose one accordingly to your monthly use and budget plan. When compared to the rest, this is the most feature-rich chat tool that you may come across. 

Offering unlimited chats, file transfers, canned responses, security roles and advanced widget customization, what else is it that you may want of. Chat notifications are displayed and the track of visitors is also kept just for your record.

4. Intercom


Intercom is said to be a conversational relationship platform that is trusted by more than 30,000 companies including Udemy, Microsoft and IBM. Helping in build customer relationships through messaging and live chats, it has proactive support tools and self-help features that accompany all along. 

This app boosts site conversations and manages customer interactions across all channels from a single platform. Starting at $39 per month, it offers basic live chat and outbound messaging features. Not to forget, greater than 250 out of the box integrations are offered.

5. Acquire


Although not as popular as the latter, it yet is trusted by many large organizations like US Air Force, Audi, Discover and more. In case you are looking to add the most advanced Chatbots, this is the one for you. It offers team collaboration tools, video chats with customers and also managing all your email, social, live chat and other media presences through one single inbox. 

You are allowed to automate routine questions with AI Chatbots and also sync your knowledge with them. Co-browsing software for troubleshooting purposes with on page makeups is also allowed.

Essentiality of Live Chat

Each website nowadays needs live chat solutions, but with countless options available. These are the top 5 Live Chat Softwares for the year 2021. As per their performance, each of these has proved themselves better than the others. 

Since Live Chat Softwares have become an essential part of our Digital World, we have mentioned the best ones. We have thoroughly studied each of these Softwares and ranked them according to their performance. With certain methodologies, you can narrow down which ChatBot to use from the above-mentioned software for your websites. These software are each better in their own way, making them a good option as per your website requirements.


We recommend you to choose whatever Live Chat software you want for your websites in order for better ROIs. The support provided by these services is sometimes a really good impression. Moreover, not only giving better support and a sense of availability, it gives good impressions of your brand.

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